What we do?

We believe that, without early experiences in special settings, it is hard to make the right decision for future educational and career plans. Our mission is to guide young minds to find their academic path at early ages through academic experience in technology.

Technology, science, improving the world. Students with those interests are welcome to GlobalPass Experience which combines class instruction, office work, research project at one of the top education organization of technology in Europe, and a focus in computer science, technology, programming, artificial intelligence, data science, cyber security and more.

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Who can apply?

GlobalPass Academy (GPA) is looking for high school students who are:

  • HS Prep, 9,10,11,12 graders
  • passionate in technology, science and engineering
  • planning a career in STEM
  • eager to get accepted to top universities in the world
  • ready for hard work and experience in technology
  • committed to high ideals
  • intellectually independent
  • creative and innovative
  • leaders of future technology world
  • open for learning everyday
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Who We Are

Bilge Adam Genç Akademi

Genç Akademi aims to introduce children and young people between ages 7-18 to the digital world and technology with Bilge Adam’s 20 years of experience, and train them to make “the right start to a bright future”. Genç Akademi’s Coding, Game Design & Development, Digital Design and Robotics training programmes have the most extensive content for this age range.

Student Hub

Simply our college readiness philosophy underlies our comprehensive approach to college admissions consulting. It results in a unique approach to college consulting and long-term perspective for each applicant’s future. We believe that college should be viewed as more than just a four-year experience; it is the launch pad for the rest of your life.


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